Lockdown marketing

You might think that marketing is really not a priority right now. People are struggling with their physical health and mental sanity, there’s worry about the future, uncertain economic times that promise more uncertainty coming at some point we don’t know when… This is a time to give, it is a time to be generous, to stay united and feel compassionate and understanding. And you are right!

But it is also a time to re-evaluate your past, your present and build a vision of the future. Of course, you might not feel like it, but you see, if you want the future to work FOR you, not to happen TO you, you’ll have to get in analysis and planning mode.

So am I talking about business or personal life here?

I am talking about marketing. It usually associated with business but it is just like all the other components of business a by-product of natural laws that work in our personal life, adjusted and narrowed down to topics of a more specific area like business. But the principles are the same. And I would like you to try and see it as both a reflection on your career as well as on your relationships and social life.

First you probably noticed that many things that used to work just fine feel off, are not effective or impossible to access at all. Those are things we always took for granted and never thought we could do without: walking freely outside whenever we want or need, talking to people at will, visiting others and having fun together, using specialized personal services and self-care outside of our home, consume live entertainment as well as the basic going to work every day. “Another day at the office” started looking more like an exceptional and highly anticipated future event. Personal care took a whole new meaning while somebody ringing at the door suddenly turned into the most perplexing and worrisome occurrence.

This is not what we knew. This is new and it doesn’t feel right, but we’re getting used to it. The way we used to interact before is obsolete and very likely never to return. The way we used to communicate before is slowly turning into something new. What we need shifted direction, structure or content altogether.  So how do we grasp all these changes? Where do we start? What are we expecting from now on?

My answer is take your marketing kit and start digging. Start from scratch: who are the people I talk to? Who are the people that interest me? Where are they? What do they talk about? What are the virtual places they gather? How do they talk? What do they need?

Listen! Learn! Put it together!

This is your new reality. Forget what you think people want! The world is changing. We all go through metamorphosis.

So what do they need and how can you help in this new setting?

You might need to use skills you never made use of. You might need to learn to do things in a different way. You might have the chance to finally do what you always dreamed to. Who knows? As long as you make friends with the constant change, every threat is also an opportunity to redefine yourself and be of service in a different format.

Be flexible and stay open. File your worries away. They never helped anyone get better or be more creative.

Let’s play “getting to know the world again” and be the good guy in the game!

Here are the rules of the game:

  1. Who are the people you admire the most?
  2. Why? What do they have that makes you admire them?
  3. What are your skills (formal training and natural talents)? You might be a good cook, a good entertainer, an excellent accountant, a visionary, home-school mentor etc.
  4. What do people talk about the most these days? What do they say they want?
  5. How is your voice unique?

Take the pieces of the puzzle that come from these answers and tell me what you can come up with. We all can do more than we ever did and this is the time to try.

Go ahead! Don’t let the world waiting; we need you!

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