About Me

Quick Bio

I am a mindset coach specializing in supporting women become their own boss by the power of their mind and their emotions. Initially trained for the business world, I completed my formal education in business management, got my MBA before the age of 30 and worked in different companies, small or large corporations for 20 years. My passion though is being close to people, feeling their story and helping them build the conditions for long lasting transformation.

I changed careers in my late 30’s becoming a certified health coach empowering women from all walks of life ever since.

The programs that I run are around the concepts of diet, mind management, habit change, communication beyond conventional and holistic green living.

A new addition to my offer nowadays is helping women start up their on-line coaching or consulting business in record time, combining the mindset of success and the business skills needed for a solid foundation.


My unique approach

The world is changing. Most of the things we learned in our childhood about life became unrealistic expectations in our time. The solution to thriving nowadays is not to know what to do, it is to know HOW  to understand the change and embrace it. Like Dr. Joe Dispenza said, this is not a time to just know, it is a time to know how.
And that bit of education we all missed in school and in the systems we've been through so far. It is the lesson about resilience from within, about trading victim-hood for empowerment, the sens of limitation for a large spectrum of opportunities.

It is a new way to see the world, to find your own freedom and calm in the middle of the storm. It is a new mindset. Your fulfillment start with a thought.

My practice is a combination of ancient spirituality and the newest science that together help people balance their mind, emotions and body and be their best self.

This is the foundation for realizing your dreams, be and stay in shape without efforts and sacrifice, make peace with the worries and fear, live healthily.

Lately I have added my business background to the mix and I am also supporting women stuck in corporate jobs they hate become coaches and consultants. It seems to be the perfect time to start an on-line service-based business and I am thrilled to share what I learned in the past 25 years.