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You know how it feels when...

You always knew you had it in you and one day you would start your own business, be your own boss and follow your dreams? Life in your own terms!!!! But you don't know where to start, what to do and you don't want to risk your time, efforts and money guessing and failing...

Or you know exactly what to do but one day you wake up and just cannot go on any longer? You want to, but don't have enough energy and motivation... You feel discouraged, disappointed in yourself and wish you could see a way forward...

I've been there too. And it did cost me a lot of money, time and efforts. It caused so much self-doubt and pain until I realized that before starting anything you need:

  • perfect clarity
  • a vision
  • a plan
  • a guide
  • support
  • accountability
  • an easy system
  • A WAY TO MANAGE AND NURTURE YOUR OWN EMOTIONS, MIND AND BODY that will take you through whatever challenges come your way and reach your objectives



Irina is a very knowledgeable and caring coach. She had been very patient and persistent with me. I was intimidated by the work involved to be successful in the coaching business and the work I need to do in order to shift my own mindset. She encouraged me and showed me very hands-on knowledge of how to get started. She has a proven business system to help a new coach. I greatly appreciated Irina’s help and wish someday I can share the know-how with other people the way she did.
 - Ke ZhaoWellness coach
Irina is such a lovely human being. I love her energy and passion and her will to help me find a missing dot. She helped me change my perception of many things (myself, relationships, and life). My relationship with my parents improved drastically. My energy changed after our sessions, towards my parents. I understood why things are happening to me the way they were. Time spent with her goes like crazy 🙂 I am definitely recommending her to everyone who wants to change their life or perception of life. Irina thank you very much for the unbelievable work you did with me! God Bless You. 
 - Dragan BabićPublic speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur
I highly recommend Irina as a business coach. I came to her without a plan for business, clueless about how to actually get started. She taught me her simple yet powerful process, that allowed me to find

 great leads and eventually close my first sale. She was very patient in helping me figure things out, yet very firm in showing me wrong mindsets that are keeping me from moving forward. I am truly grateful for Irina's help and support!
 - Clarice CabanlitCertified Life Coach, Focused Living Facilitator, Teacher and Trainer
I decided to join Irina’s program at the suggestion of a friend, but I wasn’t hoping for much although I was feeling at the end of the rope. I had been suffering from the same (health I thought) issue for so many long years and it was affecting the quality of my life at so many levels that I needed to try something new with it. During the work done with her I was surprised by the original approach that led me not only to finally resolve my problem, but also to understand how it was rooted deep in my emotional and mental reality. This period of time helped me open up new perspectives to understand life, to see and treat myself kindly and think of a better future. I feel like I gained so much more from this experience. If you are looking for a real solution, I highly recommend Irina’s coaching!
 - Andrea P.Legal Analyst 
Irina`s coaching came at the right time for me and had a major impact in my personal development. Irina helped me discover myself, to understand my path, to connect with my inner reality, to be patient with myself and to love myself in a way that I never dared to.
Her holistic approach, professionalism, good balance and patience contributed to my transformation process, brought more clarity of mind and helped me understand and manage the life issues that I was facing from a better angle.

The experience lived with Irina was amazing and rewarding. Thank you, Irina, for supporting me throughout my changing process! I strongly recommend Irina if you are open to change your life for the better!

 - Maria DavidProject Manager BI
I would like to say how much I learned; the past several weeks have been extremely valuable to me. It was a pleasure to have Irina, as a coach. 
She cleared my mind when I needed the most and allowed me to access my very best version of myself and unlock my full potential in real world applications.
Thank you for everything but especially for guiding me on a new path! 
 - Johanna D.Chemist
Irina was recommended to me by a family friend, as I was in a state of anxiety. Right from the first sessions I felt a connection between me and Irina. I felt very free to tell her anything and she would understand me without judging me. She is a wonderful person. She knows how to listen and gives the best solution. I was impressed by her energy and the fact that she loves her work, she loves what she does. I'm so glad I got to know her. She helped me understand how I could get over some childhood traumas. Thank you Irina and wish you the best!
 - Anastasia CBachelor student in Economics
I absolutely loved working with Irina (Business coaching). She is perceptive, pays keen attention to details and picks up on fleeting thoughts and patterns. She really helped me to dig deep through her very thought-provoking questions. I definitely recommend her!
 - Joanna SimpsonPhD Candidate, Program Manager/ Social worker
The inner work I did with Irina led me to a better understanding of myself. I started being able to let go of the guilt in many situations and have better reactions and results therefore. I also got so much more relaxed when it comes to others and what they think.
My biggest breakthrough though, was that when people come across negatively it is because of their own story and feelings, not mine. All the exercises that we practiced in the context of self-love, especially mirror work have been really helpful. They brought so much power, peace and joy! Joy generated by a deeper inner wisdom I had been searching for so long.
 - Adele G.Accountant
I would like to thank you for all your time, help and suggestions that I have received from you. 
You helped me to discover other ways of thinking in order to take actions in a empathetic and smarter way. 
Thank you very much! 
 - Katia SIndependent Professional 


Everyday we worry, everyday we ask ourselves if everything is OK, or it will be OK, or our dear ones will be OK. Everyday we are struggling with doubts.
Irina's course came at the right moment and had an amazing impact: it actually gave us the responses we were all looking for. It gave us that "hint" - on how we should learn that we actually matter, that we have the right to love ourselves and to be happy! It helped us looking at problems differently!
Thank you, Irina! You really made a difference!

. - Sorina SimtionProject Manager

I contacted Irina at the suggestion of a friend. Initially, I was a little reluctant and I waited for the first session to understand how she works and if indeed she can help. Until now she has coached me for six sessions, and I am very happy with the way she helped me to manage the life issues that I am confronted with. I appreciate her holistic approach, her patience, professionalism and good balance. She listens carefully, asks the right questions and guides you towards the result you consider most suitable for you.

. - Aurelian TanaseSpecialist at Canadian Safety Commission 

If you are searching for an analytical mind that hasn't lost touch with the spiritual part of a human being Irina is the person for you. She is a good listener, that gives you the right questions by which you can pinpoint the key issue. Additionally, she can help you find the first steps for your new path or just a new way of looking at things. You will rarely find an open soul that can bring your issues from the past into the present where you are able to solve them. Not one of the coaches that would only work in gloves with you, but mainly a person that will focus on clarity which in the long term becomes your true power. She will lead the coaching process in the way that in the end, you will find the solution for yourself. This way the power will stay in your hands and that is the way how coaching should be done.

Mitja JurkovnicFinancial Consultant


Marius pictureWith unbelievable and natural simplicity  this program turned to be "the enjoyable shortcut to my real self". From food to thought to soul my life gained invaluable quality where I thought I was actually stuck. It is coming a lot easier to me now to just accept myself as I am and feel free to move, think and plainly enjoy every day like I couldn't dare do before.

Marius Popa, Psychologist


I cannot say that it was always easy to go through the work with myself, revisit what I, by myself, have been avoiding for too long and it had become too much to carry around. But what I can honestly say is that it pays off; I can recognize that I have more inner peace, a sense of harmony and vivid awareness that help me navigate so much easier the relationships with others and myself. What I enjoy the most ever since I started working with Irina is re-framing. It is such a powerful practice that once understood can completely change your daily experience. 

I recommend her and her programs to everyone who feels ready to deeply change their life for the better.

Viorica PetoAdministrative Director


Arik This experience was very special for my personal development. One of the main things Irina guided and supported me through was to create a space for my transformation. Having a very active mind I needed it to understand to slow down and to reconnect to my inner self in different aspects of my being. I am very happy to have met her and proud to say that tools she shared with me are now integral part of my daily life.

Yaroslav O. - Engineer

Effective communication has become a critical issue nowadays. Searching myself for better exchanges with the others, I looked for relevant information in the market and ran into Irina's course. Of course I subscribed and I was pleasantly surprised by its well rounded approach. It is very specific, straight to the point, easy to assimilate and at the same time not lacking experiential exercises. If you are interested in communication with yourself, with others and with something greater than us or you simply want to develop resilience and better meet life's challenges (among other topics touched upon in the sessions) I recommend this course!

Claudiu Simtion. - Dental Technician (Communication Beyond Ordinary student)

MadalinaMy experience with Irina’s coaching was surprisingly freeing and rewarding. The program was very well structured, had a tangible objective which made it easy to monitor the progress. This gave me comfort to keep my motivation over entire program and discover relaxing moments. 

At the end of it I feel that I gained a wider perspective on life, I am able to more clearly identify opportunities and pursue them with more self-confidence and deeper understanding of things.
Madalina Badea, Account manager (telecom industry)

I walked into this frightened and at the end of my patience with the frustrations of life and vividly looking for practical answers to questions on self-esteem, inner power, positive thinking, negative energy, de-personalization of a fact, the law of attraction or spirituality. I was impressed by the gentle approach Irina had with me, adjusting to my pace and limits, giving me the motivation to explore places of myself I never had the courage to visit before and filling with practical meaning and use my spiritual searches. I have a better handle of the obstacles on my path, got tools to work through them and the motivation to continue.

Sandy H., High School Teacher

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to live this amazing experience with Irina.
During 3 months, I learned so many things about myself in such a sweet and smooth way.
At the beginning I didn't know what to expect and I was skeptical, however, Irina took me through this new beautiful approach, giving me the opportunity to forgive and to treat myself with kindness. It also helped me break up with old patterns of guilt and self-judgment.
I found in this program a perfect balance between the new information shared which allowed me to understand "the why" and the tools provided.

Angelica Holguin Astudillo, Project Manager

I came to this program with a perhaps negative attitude. I was skeptical and didn’t think I needed self-improvement. I was so wrong. I found out things about myself I didn’t know, or maybe things I didn’t want to acknowledge. I was able to see patterns and bad habits I built over the years, things I was doing subconsciously that held me down for years. Irina helped me to see these things and gave me the tools, the approach to finally do something about it. She helped me heal and start taking action to become the best version of myself. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. Thank you.

Denis Sultu., IT Professional

Mihaela I am now in the best physical shape I've been as an adult, I get compliments even from unknown people on my looks and I feel more confident in myself and my future than ever. At the same time, I saw how amazing it is that we can transform not only our own lives but also of those around us. - Mihaela Sasu, Dental Hygienist

“Good health is having no fatigue, having good appetite, going to sleep and awakening easily, having a good memory, having good humor and having precision in thought and action, not being klutzy, being honest, humble, grateful and loving.”

Louise L. Hay




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